A number of our colleagues and friends have asked about living in Alaska, pictures, etc…  This page will address some of those questions.


We live outside of Palmer (pop. 4,500), which is about an hour drive north of Anchorage (pop. 260,000).  Palmer was originally a US colony(!) started during the depression.  Of the dozen or so colonies, Palmer is the only one that “made it”. 


Yes, it’s cold in the winter (-22 F this past winter), but pleasant in the summer (highs mainly in the 60s and 70s).  No, we do not have total darkness in the winter (or total light in the summer).  We get about 5.5 hours of daylight in December and 19.5 hours in June.  Yes, we have moose! (See below). 


Yes, we do get “paid” to live here.  A lot of money from oil sales has gone into a fund from which each resident (regardless of age) gets a check.  The Permanent Fund is ~$34Billion and in 2005 disbursed about 600,000 checks for $845 each.  There is no income tax or state sales tax, but property taxes are about the same as in Maryland.  The cost of living is pretty high – similar to the DC metro area.


Contrary to popular opinion, we do live on a paved road (it was paved summer 2005)



Good morning!  Pioneer Peak greets me when I open my eyes each day. 


This is about five miles from home.  We take a short local trail from our house to reach millions of acres of public and native owned land.


The Knik river valley; about eight miles from home.  It looks cold, but when winter winds blow down this valley, it warms up to 40F at our house (and the snow melts).   One day I’ll find out why it blows so warm.