James Work Bailar

Bailar Marine Consulting, LLC


Mr. Bailar has extensive experience in designing propulsors to meet widely varied requirements.  His expertise is in propeller and turbine design and analysis for full scale applications, as well as research programs.  Mr. Bailar has written, modified, and maintained engineering design and analysis programs and graphical user interfaces for engineering programs.  He has particular experience in applications of numerical optimization to engineering design.


Bailar Marine Consulting: Palmer, AK/Snohomish, WA                                            2005-Present


Propeller/Turbine Design - Full Scale Construction (Lead Designer):

·         Propellers and Anti-Ventilation plate for an electric boat

·         Volt Boats K1 electric kayak propeller

·         LHA6 America Class propeller

Propeller/Turbine Design - R & D (model tested):

·         Hub Fins to delay hub vortex cavitation inception

·         JHSS Advanced Section propeller (no Thrust Breakdown at 40 kts.)

·         Destroyer propeller

Other Design Support:

·         Propeller studies for electric small boats

·         Water Turbine Parametric studies

·         AGOR Propeller Parametric study

·         Ultra-High Speed Boat Propeller Analysis and recommendations.

Design Procedures and Software:

·         Developed multiple linear regression tools for analysis of large groups of test and calculated data (MultiLinRegression – FORTRAN and Excel)

·         Developed unsteady field point velocity module for lifting surface code

·         Developed “bent” inclined wake model for unsteady lifting surface code

·         Developed inclined wake model for unsteady panel code (PROPCAV-IS)

·         Developed propeller construction gages program (PropGages)

·         Developed unsteady field point velocity program for panel code (PROPCAV/UFPV)

·         Improved procedure for propeller loads in a turn


CSRA/CSC: Snohomish, WA                                                                                         2012-Present

Advisor Naval Marine Engineer:

Propeller/Turbine Design - R & D (model tested):

·         Baseline propeller for the Tip Loaded Propeller (TLP) program

Other Design Support:

·         Calculated (CFD) Lift and Drag on 2D foils over an extreme range of angle of attack.

Interdisciplinary Engineering:

·         Technical editing and writing of theory and model test reports

·         Wrote 4 of 8 Task Area descriptions for a ~400,000 man-hour US Navy RFP (contract was successfully awarded)


KKR IP: West Warwick, RI                                                                                            2008-Present

Vice President of Engineering:


Ocean State Wind Power Inc.: West Warwick, RI

Chief Aeronautical Engineer:

Propeller/Turbine Design:

·         MWTS Wind Turbine Blade Design

·         MWTS Wind Turbine Shroud Design

·         MWTS Wind Turbine System Design

·         MWTS Wind Turbine Tower Design

Other Design Support:

·         Wind Farm Modeling

·         Extensive CFD modeling of Wind Turbine System

·         Wind Turbine Parametric studies

Interdisciplinary Engineering:

·         Technical write ups for individual and industrial investors and for grant applications

Design Procedures and Software:

·         Developed coupled CFD/potential flow design process



CSC: Palmer, AK                                                                                                                2004-2005

Senior Principal Engineer:

Propeller/Turbine Design - Full Scale Construction (Lead Designer):

·         LHA6 America Class propeller


Naval Surface Warfare Center (US Navy): West Bethesda, MD                                     1984-2004


Propeller/Turbine Design - Full Scale Construction (Lead Designer):

·         CVN77 Bush Class propeller

·         LHD8 Makin Island Class propeller

·         Racing Hydroplane propeller (proprietary)

·         LPD17 San Antonio Class propeller

·         DDG51/ATD Burke Class propeller (with Stuart Jessup, NSWCCD)

Propeller/Turbine Design - R & D (model tested):

·         Dual Cavitating Hydrofoils

·         Contrarotating Propellers

-       A-Frame SWATH (Stealth Ship) Contrarotating Propellers

-       ASMS High Efficiency Contrarotating Propellers

-       ASMS High Inception Speed Contrarotating Propellers

-       Mid-Term Sealift Contrarotating Propellers

·         Podded Propellers

-       Mid-Term Sealift Podded Propeller

-       Tractor Pod Propeller

·         Pre Swirl Propulsor

·         Mid-Term Sealift Large Diameter Prop

·         TAG(X) Propeller (with Ki-Han Kim, NSWCCD)

·         Several Advanced Blade Section Research Propellers

Other Design Support (including untested designs):

·         DD 21 Pod propulsor

·         CVN68 back fit propeller

·         Korean Destroyer propeller

·         Pre Duct

·         DDG-51 18’ propeller

·         Advanced Blade Sections for various other propellers

·         Propeller analysis and troubleshooting

·         Propeller parametric studies

Design Procedures and Software:

·         Led development of Propeller Design and Analysis Tool (PDAT) (NSWCCD Module), a web-based tool that provides graphical interface and XML database support for propeller design and analysis programs.

·         Automated 2D Advanced Blade Section design tool & integrated in propeller design process

·         Developed Advanced Blade Section design tool for marine propellers

·         Developed procedure for propeller loads and pressures in a ship turn

·         Developed and automated procedures to incorporate off-design calculations into design process

·         Developed design procedure for Dual Cavitating Hydrofoils

·         Developed geometry optimization tool for CPP propellers

·         Developed preliminary design optimization tool with design and analysis modules

Interdisciplinary Engineering:

·         Extensive interfacing with test and structural engineers to ensure appropriate experimental and computational propeller analyses

·         Design briefs and presentations to SES and Flag levels.


Special Act or Service Award (1998)

Letter of Appreciation from NAVSEA (1993)

Certificate of Commendation from Chief of Naval Research (1989)

Commander’s Award for Special Achievement (1989)


Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)


Bailar, J.W., K.-H. Kim, K.D. Remmers, and T.B. Smith, "Cavitation Performance of Two Contrarotating Propeller Designs for a High Speed Ship", presented at Cavitation '94, Tokyo, Apr 1994.

Bailar, J.W., S.D. Jessup, and Y.T. Shen, "Improvement of Surface Ship Propeller Cavitation Performance Using Advanced Blade Sections", presented at 23rd ATTC, New Orleans, Jun 1992.


A List of published and edited reports is available upon request.



M.S., Computer Science, with honors, Johns Hopkins University                                              1999

B.S., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, full tuition scholarship, Webb Institute      1984

Level of Current Security Clearance: Secret